What are you up to?

Looking to hang out? Find out what your friends are up to, have a conversation, or get a group together. Ditto makes it easy to get recommendations about restaurants, movies and things to do. Download the app, and start Dittoing!

  • Follow your Friends screen shot
  • Share what you're up to screen shot
  • Get down to details screen shot
  • More than just broadcast screen shot
  • See what's happened screen shot
  • Make movie plans screen shot

In the Press

  • Tech Crunch

    "Ditto is an iPhone app in the location space that goes beyond the check-in."

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  • Gigaom.com

    "Ditto is part of a larger shift in the location game as start-ups look to help users figure out where to go with personalized recommendations."

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  • All Things D

    "An iPhone app and new company to help users get quick recommendations about restaurants and movies."

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  • Read Write Web

    "Ditto is a beautifully designed app for the iPhone."

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